Never buy anything simply because it is expensive.

Oscar Wilde.

It seems that concepts such as affordable meals or inexpensive restaurants are simply not applicable to New York. This is because, in 2015, New York was the most expensive city according to the Swiss bank UBS. The index included 122 different criteria, such as the rental cost, prices for goods and various necessary services.

Today, the city occupies the fifth place with an average monthly cost per household of $529.

Big Apple

When you first come to this city, you will surely exclaim: ‘Wow, there are many restaurants around me!’ New York is not only the largest city in the USA but also in the world. One might say that the city has incorporated many other cities. It is the largest industrial and commercial center in the USA, where you can actually find low-priced restaurants that serve affordable meals. Do not worry, you will not stay hungry for a long time.

The city was founded in the 17th century, and already in the 18th century, it became the largest and most popular city in the USA. New York is a financial center. The largest banks are located there, on Wall Street which today is considered as a symbol of America’s financial excellence. Searching for some nearby restaurants? One of Uncle Gussy’s locations is on Wall Street. But you can enjoy its pretty affordable meals not only on Wall Street but also on Park Avenue and on Northern Boulevard.

In New York, most of the country’s largest industrial companies are located. People are bringing various goods to this city and setting the prices on these goods right there. So, this city is of great importance. The most famous editorial offices, broadcasting, and television channels operate in NYC. There are theaters, museums and huge cultural galleries. Can I easily find restaurants near me? Well of course!

Cultural Center

The Metropolitan Opera House is also located in this city. Thus, it is clear that NYC is not only a major business center but also a cultural organization of America. New York publishing houses are world-famous. Well-known enterprises produce goods right there. Customers on all continents know their clothes and products.

The territory of the city lies between the rivers and bays. There are many popular streets, parks, and a lot of interesting houses. The land on these streets is very expensive, so the rental price is high. In general, it is the rental price that sets such a high standard of living in New York. Therefore, if you give the lion’s share of your salary for housing, then, of course, you want to eat in good low-priced restaurants, not expensive ones. One of such affordable restaurants is Uncle Gussy’s. The food in it is very fresh and mostly whole and unrefined, but the prices are relatively low and budget-friendly.

There are many places in the center of New York where you can get affordable meals. There are many old houses and neighborhoods that are gradually being demolished and are not planned to be restored. However, special organizations are fighting for their history and their heritage. After all, these houses are part of the history of America, they can tell you how the country was built and raised. There are a lot of small houses and affordable restaurants, many shops and boutiques. It’s in NYC that tourists come first to see this powerful capital, which is the hallmark of the United States. And if one of them wants to find some restaurants close-at-hand he can easily find one.

Expensive Pearl

There are many cities in America, but this one is undoubtedly the largest, richest and most valuable one. Because it is engaged in the development of the country and its industry. If we represent America in the form of a body, then New York will be its feet, because the main financial points of the country are held on it.

This city is rich and attracts tourists from around the world. Anyone who wants to know more about modern America needs to visit NYC first. Because it’s only in this city that you can find such a large cluster of shops, enterprises, low-cost restaurants and huge skyscrapers. Only here you can find such a variety of affordable meals from different cultures and cuisines.

New York is an amazing city with a mostly English-speaking population. And if you ask a passerby “Could you tell me which one of the restaurants nearby is the best ones?” his answer will most likely include our food truck Uncle Gussy’s among other affordable restaurants.